Innovation Fortified, Thanks to Azure Security

Innovation Fortified, Thanks to Azure Security

Security has always been the talk of the town with digital technologies. Due to the multiple and rising ransomware attacks, cyber security has become paramount to enterprises. As one may have noticed, criminals are not sparing any enterprise.

From small to Fortune 500 companies, hackers are breaching the security systems with due effort. This has paved the way for organizations to rethink their security strategies.

Security solutions are often rigid and impede innovation. This inflexibility bogs down the enterprise and stunts progress. Additionally, the third-party security teams lack the required expertise and maybe understaffed to protect the clients. However, Microsoft has painted a different picture with Azure.

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Coded with security protocols and checks at every developmental phase, Azure happens to be one of the most secure clouds. However, the cloud solution of Microsoft is not only secure but also innovative. This is what sets Azure apart from the other cloud technologies, and for the same reason, organizations prefer the Microsoft cloud.

So, let’s navigate through the fortified Azure to understand how secure the cloud is and why it can be the engine of your innovation.

Azure: Security Ingrained

Azure Security Ingrained

It is a tightrope walk that Microsoft undertook as Azure ought not to compromise innovation at the cost of security. After all, innovation is what keeps the world and Azure ticking.

Microsoft has roped in more than 3,700 security strategists and invests more than a billion dollars in honing their security solutions to keep their strategies current.

Today, Azure serves 400,000 clients, and 90 of them arise from Fortune 100. As money always matters, one can perceive the USD10 billion revenue reaped by the security services. It was termed the ‘Leader’ by Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2020 reports.

These achievements and records were well deserved as Microsoft has blocked about 6 million threats in 2020 alone. This was possible as the IT giant analyzes more than 8 trillion signals daily.

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To put it mildly, Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to make Azure a secure cloud tech. This brings us to how Azure secures innovation.

Fortified DevOps Cycles

Fortified DevOps Cycles

DevOps is all about seamless coordination and communication. Unfortunately, this two-way coordination potentially opens the doors for threats that can bring down an organization. This goes on to underscore how vital security shielding is for DevOps innovation.

Thankfully, Azure has taken cognizance of this need and integrated security with every layer of the architecture. This has wicked away undesired possibilities which would impede innovation when assets are unprotected. Additionally, the developers don’t have to expend efforts to develop and fuse security protocols with the existing infrastructure.

That is no longer required as developers would enjoy protection even when they are developing the code.

For instance, developers using GitHub would reap the benefits of the Advanced Security Features, which propel innovation. Developers can rest easy with built-in security protocols, which facilitate proactive vulnerability detection in the code.

Another noteworthy mention is the Azure Defender. This tool is famous for buttressing security ops or SecOps at any scale. It monitors and protects all cloud resources of the client. To make things even more secure, Azure has incorporated Zero trust security principles on all levels.

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It means to the Azure clients that all the users and signees will be subjected to scrutiny as they are deemed to be potential nefarious actors. This is a better way to deal with security breaches, for it is better to be safe than sorry.

Keeping the Strategies Current

Keeping the Strategies Current

Microsoft has armed Azure with AI, which assesses and responds swiftly to protect the solutions against the threats. This is one of the best defenses Azure has against the new and potential threats. Microsoft’s threat intelligence enables this modern approach.

This valuable intel is gleaned off after analyzing trillions of signals daily, and it is harnessed to secure the innovations.

In a Nutshell

It is apparent that Microsoft takes security quite seriously, and rightly so. Today’s current scenario indicates that being armed to the teeth and staying on the toes in cyberspace is the right strategy. With DevOps lifecycles protected and SecOps bettered, clients can realize their professional goals faster.

Unlike others, Azure’s protection covers hybrid and multi-cloud strategies as well. This unparalleled security is one of the biggest assets Azure clients sport.

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If you haven’t already considered Azure as your innovation engine, then now might be the time. With the world integrating cloud tech like never before, the time is upon us to consider Azure for securing proprietary information and innovation. Though Azure has built-in security, there are various other tools such as Sentinel and Defender, which various organizations use.

To any organization, taking a call on which tool one ought to employ is a tough choice. This is where Effiniti steps in. With Azure experts at our helm, we bring out the best customizable solutions after considering your requirements. So reach out to us, and let’s fortify your innovation with Azure security tools.

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