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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

In the present always-on digital world, downtime is undesired. From power outages to natural disasters and cyberattacks, business disruptions can lead to revenue loss, reputational damage, and competitive disadvantage. Other repercussions of an outage include mission-critical data loss, productivity dip, compliance issues, and legal entanglements. And, the longer the recovery time, the more significant the adverse impact on business. Thus, in order to prevent business disruptions and minimize their costly aftermath, organizations need to adopt a comprehensive Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) strategy.

Address Downtime

Keep Doing Business—Even During Disruptions

Most organizations deploy resources like additional data centers, hardware, software, and staff to address downtimes. However, these additions are not only uneconomical but can also add an uninvited complexity to the business operations, making it more challenging to stay secure. Thus, businesses must adopt smarter, integrated disaster recovery solutions and Effiniti’s Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services is the right choice.

Effiniti enables organizations keep doing business even during major IT outages. Our end-to-end Azure BCDR services are simple to architect, cloud-native, highly secure, and cost-effective.

We help you recover and resume your business in a timely and streamlined manner during any business disruptions or accidental loss of data.

Costly Aftermaths

Impact of an Outage in Numbers

USD 9000

The average cost per minute for unplanned downtime

95 Minutes

The average duration of an outage in datacenters averaging 14,090 sq. ft.

USD 650,000 – USD 2.4 million

The average total-cost range for unplanned downtime

Business Value of Azure Disaster Recovery


Return on investment over five years


Reduction in average data and application recovery time


Faster backups


Improvement in the efficiency of IT teams


More savings compared with on-premises alternatives

Streamline Business with Scalable Solutions

Effiniti Service Offerings for Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery

We offer three types of Azure recovery services that contribute to your business continuity and disaster recovery strategy. They are:

These solutions, all together, offer a comprehensive disaster management strategy that helps ensure your systems are secure, accessible, and always available — no matter where your workload is located – during an outage.

Azure Site Recovery (ASR)

Effiniti’s Azure Site Recovery is a built-in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. Replication, failover, and recovery processes in ASR help your business run seamlessly during planned and unplanned outages. ASR replicates on-premises data centers and Virtual Machines (VMs) from a primary site to Azure or a secondary location. In the event of an outage at your primary site, you can failover to a secondary location to keep your workloads online. After the primary location is recovered, you can failback to it.

Simplify Your BCDR

Deploy and manage replication, failover, and recovery of your workloads across hybrid and cloud from a single location.

Flexible Replication

Replicate workloads running on physical servers, Azure VMs, on-premises Hyper-V, and VMware VMs.

Continuous Testing

Run disaster recovery drills without disrupting ongoing replication.

Flexible Failovers and Failbacks

Easily run planned and unplanned failovers for expected and unexpected outages, with near-zero data loss. Failback when the primary site is available.

Minimize Downtime

Keep Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) within your organizational limits.

Improve Compliance

Enable ASR between separate Azure regions and effectively comply with industry regulations.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs

Eliminate the cost and complexity of maintaining a secondary datacenter by replicating to Azure.

Automatic Recovery

Keep workloads online during outages with automatic recovery from on-premises to Azure or Azure to another Azure region.

Gartner named Microsoft as an industry leader in DRaaS based on completeness of vision and ability to execute Site Recovery.
Azure Backup

Effiniti’s Azure Backup is a built-in Backup as a Service (BaaS) solution aimed at keeping your data safe and recoverable all the time. It is a secure, scalable, and cost-effective backup solution for all your cloud-based and on-premises data.

Backup at Scale

Backup and protect all your workloads, including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure file shares, on-premises VMware machines, and SQL and SAP databases.

Secure Data

Encrypt data and secure it in a backup storage, even after deletion.

Easily Manage Backups

Reduce complexity with built-in backup, save time with one-click backup option, and easily manage resources through a centralized management interface.

Quick Cloud Backup

Enable 'Backup' in the Azure portal to instantly backup your workloads.

Minimize Costs

Avail short- and long-term retention options and restore your assets in Azure or on-premises at no additional costs. Tape or offsite recovery is not required.

Prevent Ransomware

Prevent unauthorized access by enabling MFA using a security PIN from the Azure portal.

Azure Archive Storage

Effiniti’s Azure Archive Storage is a cost-effective, durable, and highly available cloud storage for rarely accessed data. Store up to petabytes of data on cloud and free up your storage capacity for other critical uses.

  • Cost-effective, low-maintenance alternative for tape storage
  • Automatic encryption of data at rest
  • Easy integration with hot and cool storage tiers
  • Blob-level tiering to change an object’s tier with a single click
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Why Effiniti?

As a US-based Microsoft Azure Consulting Services Provider, Effiniti has proven experience in helping businesses control cost and complexity during any downtime.

Our Azure experts will help you overcome challenges related to business continuity, detecting and responding to risks, and disaster recovery orchestration, among others. Whether you are looking to adopt a new disaster recovery plan or upgrade the existing one, we can help you deploy a robust BCDR strategy.

With Effiniti, you’ll gain reliable technical support, access to Azure experts, and a dedicated team for all your business continuity consulting needs.

Disruptions are Inevitable but Failure is Optional.