Azure Security Services: Identity, Compliance and Assessment
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Managed Azure Security Services

As the world becomes more interconnected, cyber threats are growing in number, scope, and complexity.

Cyber is accelerating in new directions—beyond an organization’s premises and IT environments and into the cloud. Thus, cybersecurity has become the most complex and rapidly evolving issue companies must contend with – to survive and thrive in the cyber world.

Stay Resilient

Make Business More Resilient Against Threats – with Azure Security

Microsoft Azure Security facilitates a host of customizable security options to increase your organization's resilience against evolving cyber threats. It helps you establish a multi-layer defense mechanism to safeguard and secure your data, infrastructure, application, and workloads, be it in Azure, on-premises, hybrid environments, or other clouds.

Moreover, the built-in security controls and real-time cybersecurity intelligence from Azure help identity threats faster and respond quickly.

Simplify Security

Why Azure for Security?

Identify and Respond to Threats - Quickly and Confidently!

Azure Infrastructure Management
High Availability

Azure offers a 99.95% service-level agreement. With a presence in 60+ global regions and availability in 140 countries, Azure is well-suited to companies of all sizes and maturities.

Azure Security Management

Azure offers 90+ compliance certifications to help you comply with national, regional, and industry-specific regulations for data collection and use.

Azure Services Optimization
Strong Cyber Commitment

Microsoft invests over USD 1 billion annually in cybersecurity research and development.

Azure Compliance Management
World-class Expertise

Microsoft employs over 3,500 security experts who are dedicated to data security and privacy.

End-to-end Azure Services

Effiniti Service Offerings for Azure Security

The Threat is Everywhere. So the Scope of Our Services.

As an Azure Security Managed Service Provider, Effiniti offers end-to-end Azure security services to address ever-changing threats, maintain compliance and reduce the unsustainable burden of managing security infrastructure.

Our Azure security capabilities include:

Azure Security Center

Strengthens the security posture of your data centers and provides threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads.

Azure Key Vault

Securely store and tightly control access to tokens, connection strings, passwords, certificates, API keys, and other secrets.

Azure Monitor logs

Collects telemetry and other information and provides a query language and analytics engine that helps you gain operational insights into your apps and resources.

Azure Dev/Test Labs

Enables developers and testers to quickly create Azure environments while minimizing waste in terms of cost and resources.

Storage Encryption

Automatically encrypts your data in Azure storage.

Client-Side Encryption

Encrypts data inside client applications before uploading to Azure Storage and decrypts data while downloading.

Shared Access Signatures

Offers secure delegated access to your resources and enables granular control over how a client can access your data.

Azure Storage Analytics

Performs logging and generates metrics data for your storage account.

SQL Firewall

Protects databases from the network-based attacks.

SQL Cell Level Encryption

Provides encryption at a granular level.

SQL Always Encryption

Protects sensitive data stored in Azure SQL Database or SQL Server databases.

SQL Transparent Data Encryption

Encrypts the storage of an entire database.

SQL Database Auditing

Tracks database events and records them on an audit log in your Azure storage account.

Role-based Access Control

Enables user access to the resources based on their roles within the organization.

Azure Active Directory B2C

Allows control over how customers sign-up, sign-in, and manage their profiles when using Azure-based applications.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Employs several levels of authentication and verification before giving access to secure information.

Azure Backup

Provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up and restore data in the Azure cloud.

Azure Site Recovery

Replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines from a primary site to a secondary location to keep business running during outages.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Offers centralized protection for web applications from common threats and vulnerabilities

Azure Application Proxy

Ensures secure remote access to web applications running on-premises.

Azure DDoS Protection

Secures web applications from DDoS attacks.

Azure Firewall

Secures your Azure Virtual Network resources.

Network Security Groups

A 5-tuple network-based access control to accept or reject decisions.

VPN Gateway

Ensures secure cross-premises access to Azure Virtual Networks.

Azure Security Assessment

Effiniti’s Azure Security Assessment service will evaluate how well your organization is protected from cybersecurity threats.

Deeply integrated into the Azure ecosystem, our security experts will assist you with verifying and assuring your Azure environment’s security posture by:

  • Planning and managing the end-to-end assessment process with defined standards and deliverables
  • Assessing Azure architecture and implementation against recommended best practices
  • Reviewing Azure security policies and controls against recommended practices
  • Recommendations to mitigate security risks and enable compliance
Azure Evolution
Value Proposition

Benefits of Azure Security with Effiniti

Build Secure Foundation

Leverage multi-layered security offered by Microsoft across your physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations in Azure.

Simplify Security

Safeguard and secure your workloads quickly and simply with built-in security controls across identity, data, networking, and apps.

Detect Early

Identify new threats and respond quickly with the unique threat intelligence from Azure.

Secure Hybrid Workloads

Safeguard your hybrid cloud workloads, including servers, data, storage, containers, and IoT, with Azure Security Center.

Streamline Security

Quickly identify threats, streamline threat investigation, and automate remediation with Azure Security.

Connect tO Azure

The Effiniti Edge

Effiniti, providing managed Azure Security services, is your trusted security partner to help you create a cyber-minded culture and become stronger, faster, and resilient in the face of persistent and ever-changing cyber threats.

Threats evolve, so do our Knowledge

We develop actionable content from our threat intelligence to help our clients proactively prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats.

We focus on constant improvement

Our Azure experts remain focused on continually applying the lessons they learn to deliver critical cyber capabilities.

2-way communication is our priority

We emphasize an open line of communication with our clients at any time, not just during emergencies, to discuss threats and their overall security posture.

We deliver the service you need

Our Azure security services provide a full suite of solutions, customized to your business needs and based on our deep industry and technology expertise.

Strengthen Your IT Security Posture – with Effiniti’s Azure Security Services

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