Microsoft Clinches Prestigious Title in Magic Quadrant Survey

Microsoft Clinches Prestigious Title in Magic Quadrant Survey

In the Magic Quadrant Data Integration Tools survey conducted by Gartner, Microsoft has been named Leader.

This 2021 survey took into account its deft execution of data integration tasks using SQL Server Integration and Azure-based data integration tasks, which employed Azure Data Factory. Microsoft was named the Leader after assessing 18 cloud vendors which sport data integration tools.

Data integration is an essential end-to-end strategy that meets the requirements coughed up by hybrid and multi-cloud approaches. An organization must first pool the data and analyze it in a secure cyber environment to elicit the best results.

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Security is an essential aspect as it allows companies to form productive data pipelines. Companies then rope in Microsoft’s data integration tools to combine the various data inputs and automate the data management. This integration and analysis provide valuable insights to the clients utilizing Microsoft tools.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Microsoft was named Leader in the Magic Quadrant Survey. This was made possible by Microsoft’s comprehensive and intelligent tools. The IT trained its sights on doling out tools that make data production easy for clients with low or no-code ETL.

Clients also have the variety enough to choose tools required for data migration, metadata management, and other business workflows.

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However, Microsoft is not complacent despite winning the leadership title. The tech company provides tools that would promote community collaboration and sport third-party learning options for optimal deployment. In addition, thanks to Microsoft’s variety and intelligent cost management, clients could address their data integration requirements.

The Future

Microsoft Azure

Thanks to the vast amounts of information, data analytics has become an emerging field in cyberspace. IT giants such as Microsoft have reckoned the growing demand for cloud analytics. Given its panache for innovation, Microsoft has realized that data integration, which can bring together diverse data resources, holds the key for data analytics.

The American company has invested its efforts and resources in creating and refining Azure Synapse Analytics, a unified analytics platform.

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The platform analyzes vast amounts of data and allows the clients to transform or manage the data in a centralized, secure space. Clients can harness the Azure Synapse to perform the analytics for the required workloads from a single workspace. This effectively eliminates the data barriers and traditional silos, which can potentially hamper productivity.

With limitless scalability and unparalleled security, clients of Microsoft will spend higher time on productivity as one will expend less time on data management. With innovation and refinement ingrained in its data integration tools, it is no wonder why Gartner called Microsoft the Leader in this field.

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