Azure Consulting Services and Solutions in USA: Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Azure is Microsoft’s flagship cloud computing platform where clients can develop, deploy and operate their applications and services. Compatible with numerous operating systems and well-versed in various programming languages, Azure is a cloud that launched in 2008. It is now used globally.

Azure App Service is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering for building, deploying, and scaling web applications. The cloud supports programming languages from .Net to PHP and can deploy the software containers across various platforms. In addition, Azure is robust enough to handle 40 billion requests daily.

Azure and AWS both sport the pay-as-you-go model. However, unlike AWS, which makes the users pay per hour, Azure allows its users to pay by the minute. This aspect is much more cost-effective as users don’t have to pay for the unused time in the hour. Unlike Azure, AWS is not as welcoming to third-party cloud providers or hybrid solutions.

Ingrained with Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, Azure is one of the most secure cloud solutions out there. This is the primary edge that Azure possesses. Thankfully, that’s not the only advantage it has.

It offers industry-specific solutions, better-priced service models powered by Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which swat away threats with its enviable threat index. Now, Azure is even offering encryption to both new and existing users.

Navigating through Azure can be arduous. However, it is better to be guided than to indulge in the trial and error method.

With our commendable experience, Effiniti offers a wide array of infallible solutions to various industries. From cloud migration to disaster recovery, Effiniti has it all. Click here to know what all services we provide.

Microsoft offers Azure services tailored specifically for various industry sectors. From finance to non-profit, Microsoft has customized Azure to meet their needs. Unlike other cloud technologies out there, Azure offers many options ranging from service models to hybrid cloud systems. The icing on the cake is Azure’s enviable global presence, allowing clients to choose the server location that suits their needs.

With customized solutions readily available and the pay-as-you-go model implemented better than most, Azure has grown exponentially. To read more about Azure growth rate, click here for Azure Cloud Services.

Compatibility, Active Directory integration, encryption, and cost-effectiveness are the factors driving Azure’s global adaption. Azure is compatible with various programming languages.

Armed with ASP.NET capabilities and the SQL servers, Azure churns out the best solutions with analytics and machine learning.

The cloud tech also incorporates Active Directory, which secures the cloud by providing single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. Not stopping there, Microsoft has ingrained Azure with Storage Service Encryption which allows both new and existing users to opt for encryption.

Lastly, the pricing model of Azure attracts clients with every passing moment.

Formerly known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Azure DevOps allows development and operations teams to collaborate better and faster. Ranging from Azure Boards to Azure Pipeline, Azure allows users to brainstorm with the help of agile tools and deploy solutions in any language in any cloud. Such is the flexibility that Azure DevOps offers.

With enterprise-grade reliability, Azure DevOps has a productive environment that is supported 24x7 by Azure support services. It also brings in new features every three weeks.

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Azure offers a wide range of benefits for entrepreneurs. It hosts various service models, allowing clients to choose and pay for the model that suits them best. The cloud tech offers the autoscale feature, which can scale automatically as per the demand.

By analyzing your data assets and operations with Machine Learning and AI, Azure helps you refine the solutions to achieve their optimum performances. These are just some of the business benefits that Azure packs. To know more, click here. Top Business Benefits that Microsoft Azure Brings Along

Effiniti possesses commendable experience with Azure. We have strong-armed various Fortune 500 companies and other companies with our Azure services.

From migration to disaster recovery, Effiniti offers proven solutions to its clients. With our expert, in-house teams, and experienced consultants, going astray on the Azure journey is a rarity.

We advise, help the migration and maintain the cloud, among many things we do. We help you migrate to Azure with ease, secure your workloads efficiently, and manage your cloud infrastructure, among other services.

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Each project is unique by itself. We advise you to reach out to us with your business requirements, and with our in-house teams, we will tailor an estimate for you.

Yes, although we are based out of Texas, we are just as omnipresent as Azure is. We provide cloud services, secure your workloads on Azure, and recover the data in the event of a natural or artificial calamity. To cap it off, yes, we do offer Azure services in the USA.

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